Madie’s Blooms

I told you about my dear Madie, but I didn't tell you that she loved sunflowers. She even had a sunflower lesson that she regularly used with the teens we mentor. Sunflowers are bright, cheerful, and have a unique design that allows them to follow the sun! Incredible. This could also easily describe Madie. Bright, cheerful, and bringing sunshine into any room.

Finding a Friendly Voice in the Wildnerness Areas

After chemo and a metastatic cancer diagnosis, I found it tough to get through many books or movies or even tv series. My favorite genre has been nonfiction as I love to hear other people’s stories. They inspired me. They introduced me to another’s perspective and experience. I could more easily empathize with them after … Continue reading Finding a Friendly Voice in the Wildnerness Areas

Lessons Learned from My Dog

(if this makes you roll your eyes, that's ok) I’m on vacation with my “foster fail” and observing her taking on this new adventure. I know she will love it once she figures out what we are doing, but initially every little step and experience is causing her a little anxiety. It’s fun to help … Continue reading Lessons Learned from My Dog