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My name is Melissa

I  am a Christian, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend

I am also a Strengths Coach and Volunteer

In all of my roles I delight in seeing others thrive and tell their best story in life.

Several years ago I had the opportunity to be coached in Gallup strengths.  This was so exciting to me!  It helped to put my life’s story into new perspective.  It helped me to see why certain things really make my heart dance!  One of my favorite strengths was the strength of Connectedness.  It gave me confidence in the belief that all of our stories connect and intersect in some important ways.   I was then trained in strengths coaching.  I am  most alive  in situations where I have the privilege of reminding others of the unique value of  and strength in their stories.  In the way that God has uniquely designed each person.

Everyone of us has value and purpose.

The strength of Connectedness also sustains me in the challenging parts of my life when things are not easy and becomes complicated and hard.  It is what reminds me that we were never meant to do life alone and that when we share our stories we also reinforce the importance of our lives. Sharing our hard stories with each other can breathe life into us and provide hope to others.  I am privileged to have met many people who have incredible stories.  It is my honor to introduce them to you.

Another part of my story that I will share with you is that of being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.  I am not strong in this and a lot of times life feels so very out of my control.  But my prayer is that my family’s story, along with those of others, may provide hope and encouragement.  None of us have the exact same story but we may find that we have many things to share that can help us relate, laugh, cry and sometimes, want to scream and kick something together.  But we are not alone.  We are connected.  In life.  In story.

It is my hope that by sharing our stories you are inspired to see your own story in a new light. That you will see the value and purpose in your story. If you want help with telling your story or you just need an opportunity and support in sorting it out, let me know.  You can contact me here or through the site below.  This is something that breathes life into me and I am honored any time I can have the chance to have strengths conversations!  I will share more on this later!