This is Our Story, Part Three

This is part three of our story as written by Patrick Durand. We faced a situation we hadn’t remotely considered only three weeks prior – stage IV breast cancer.  And more specifically - death.  After the diagnosis, Melissa and I were in a complete daze; we could not concentrate on anything.  Our minds continuously processed … Continue reading This is Our Story, Part Three

Trusting God’s Plan

When you travel through life you meet special souls along the way.  One example for me  are Gavin and his family.  I met Gavin and his mom, Nicole, in a Target parking lot when Nicole was my daughter's math teacher.  Meeting Gavin was uplifting.  He wanted to know who we were and was genuinely interested in meeting us.  … Continue reading Trusting God’s Plan

Focusing Beyond the Grief

The summer before I was diagnosed with cancer we were celebrating our older daughter's completion of boot camp.  We hadn't had a professional family portrait taken since our girls were very young.  It was so much fun watching my dear friend, Sarah, at work.  Artist behind her camera.  While there Sarah told me something that would … Continue reading Focusing Beyond the Grief