Bill- That’s Just What You Do.

This is the fourth story of hidden gems discovered in everyday. In Minnesota, we have had a rough February of very wintery weather. We have had frigid sub-zero days sandwiched between very blustery and snowy days. It’s February. In Minnesota. 16 years ago we made the crazy decision to move in February. Although we weren’t … Continue reading Bill- That’s Just What You Do.


This is the third story on hidden gems discovered in everyday. Last fall, my husband and I headed out on our extended RV road trip and along the way, we made stops in some of the most scenic parks in the country. One of our stops was in Wyoming in Glacier National Park. It was … Continue reading Masterpiece


This is the second story of hidden gems discovered in the everyday. In my work with students in local middle school mentoring clubs, I get the opportunity to hear other people’s stories. One of my favorite activities with students is our field trip to local senior housing facilities. We do this at the end of … Continue reading Ruth

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

This is the first post on some of the hidden gems I have discovered amongst the everyday. Over the last several years I have had numerous medical appointments. I have worked with many different healthcare providers on a lot of different levels. I learned early on that these appointments are a lot more enjoyable when I … Continue reading Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple

Christmas and New Years have long felt like a balance between endings and beginnings. The places where things are brought down to their very simplist of forms. Firsts and lasts. This year it felt especially stretched between the two extremes. In October we lost a family member in a most unexpected way. In her sleep. … Continue reading ‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple