When the Ground Falls Out From Beneath You

I met Garrett a few years ago after a stranger told me about his remarkable story of resiliency and perseverance.  I then had the opportunity to hear his incredible story when he volunteered to speak with a group of middle-schoolers  I was mentoring in their strengths.  What struck me most in his story was how he … Continue reading When the Ground Falls Out From Beneath You

The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by Mitch Teemley from The Power of Story! Here is someone who speaks my language, Stories. The Versatile Blogger Award was created to introduce people to up-and-comers. My task is simple: To tell you 7 Things About Me, and to introduce you to other Up-and-Comers (or new … Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award

The Strength of Developer

What do you do when your world feels out of control but you have the strength of developer? You foster puppies, of course!  The strength of developer is defined as seeing the potential in others.  You see everything as having potential and being alive with possibilities.  You want to see others experience some bit of … Continue reading The Strength of Developer

This is Our Story, Part Three

This is part three of our story as written by Patrick Durand. We faced a situation we hadn’t remotely considered only three weeks prior – stage IV breast cancer.  And more specifically - death.  After the diagnosis, Melissa and I were in a complete daze; we could not concentrate on anything.  Our minds continuously processed … Continue reading This is Our Story, Part Three

Trusting God’s Plan

When you travel through life you meet special souls along the way.  One example for me  are Gavin and his family.  I met Gavin and his mom, Nicole, in a Target parking lot when Nicole was my daughter's math teacher.  Meeting Gavin was uplifting.  He wanted to know who we were and was genuinely interested in meeting us.  … Continue reading Trusting God’s Plan