Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

This is the first post on some of the hidden gems I have discovered amongst the everyday.

Over the last several years I have had numerous medical appointments. I have worked with many different healthcare providers on a lot of different levels. I learned early on that these appointments are a lot more enjoyable when I can engage in story sharing. I find that it just feels more natural to have a pleasant conversation while we are sitting across from each other, sometimes for hours at a time. I love to uncover some hidden gem of a story in these encounters. I am always amazed at why people are doing the work they do. Many healthcare professionals go into the field because they were either recipient of a certain type of care or because a loved one was ill and they were exposed to this great big world of medicine. Some enjoy people and some enjoy the science of medicine. When I go in for my scan appointments there is usually a couple of checkpoints I have to go through before getting into a certain machine. On one particular day, I was having my port accessed by this really kind young soul who happened to sport an interesting tattoo. I asked him if there was a story behind the artwork as it really captured my attention. Be Here Now.
He said that he has a baby at home and this was to remind him to be present while at home. To be intentional while caring for his child. This was a reminder that moments were precious. That this time is important. What a great example of walking the walk in what you value most. He also reminded me that unless we are intentionally putting those things in front of us we can tend to forget. I am grateful that he was willing to allow me to take this picture and share his story with you. What are you “wearing” to remind you to do the important things well and first.

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