Birthdays can be bittersweet.
They mark the passage of time.
Years since birth.

They also mark years spent… Once the calendar passes, gone.

This year was one I wasn’t sure I’d see.  Almost like the melancholy of an extinguished candle. It appears I may actually hit that milestone birthday next year!

This year carried a lot of other milestones I’d hoped to see but wasn’t guaranteed:   My older daughter finished her 4 years in the Marine Corps, my younger daughter hit 20 and is halfway through college! These seemed impossible todare dream of being around to experience.

 Although I am getting closer to my 50th birthday, and it seems more realistic than it once did, I still carry the tension that keeps me humbled by gratitude.

Sunday was my birthday, we celebrated well together. My husband, daughters and their guys. There was a lot of good conversation over lunch, cupcakes, and pie! I couldn’t help but take it in, seeing where we were in life. I just wanted to stop time and savor it.

That night I was able to attend a Vikings home game with wonderful friends- and even though they wore green and gold, we enjoyed friendly banter around the game.

Oh. And the Vikings Won!

Sorry, my friends. This one was for me 🙂 SKOL!


And then today this was sent to me today:


Melissa Durand is our Vikings Women Featured Fan this week! She was nominated by her daughter Emily because she is far too modest to enter herself, but her mother is an amazing woman. Melissa helps elementary students in various schools in the district find their strengths, and encourages them by showing each student that they are special. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in 2014, and even through her treatment, she never gave up on herself or anyone around her. Emily sees how her mother is the epitome of what the Vikings organization is about; courage, commitment and honor. Her mom and dad have season tickets, and since Emily and her husband have moved back to MN after being in the military, they now all attend the home games together. SKOL, Melissa! #vikingswomen#featuredfan

This Birthday was full of heartfelt messages and surprises. It is a reminder of the life lived in these years. The rich blessing of these years, the icing on my cake.

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