The Beauty Discovered

One of my favorite things to do is beachcombing. I find it very relaxing and mind clearing. It amazes me to discover the overlooked and often passed over shells and stones. With a little focus, my eye soon uncovers hidden mystery and beauty amongst the sandy shore. As I run my hands over and through … Continue reading The Beauty Discovered

Lessons Learned from My Dog

(if this makes you roll your eyes, that's ok) I’m on vacation with my “foster fail” and observing her taking on this new adventure. I know she will love it once she figures out what we are doing, but initially every little step and experience is causing her a little anxiety. It’s fun to help … Continue reading Lessons Learned from My Dog

A Time for Everything

Some seasons (weather and life) are more challenging than others. The waiting. The struggle. The cold. The dark. Sometimes it is the cold and sometimes it is the dark. Sometimes it is waiting through the challenging and wondering if you will see the other side. But like the seasons, nothing lasts forever. Sometimes the change … Continue reading A Time for Everything